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'Finola' is a very early maturing, dioecious oilseed hemp variety. The medium green cotyledons are ovate-oblong in shape with no anthocyanin colouration. The dioecious plants are predominately female with strong sex expression. Flowers typically appear between the third and fifth node. Branching of the plants is absent to very weak.

The dark green stem is medium in thickness with medium evidence of grooves. Internode length is medium. The medium green leaves are medium in size with five to seven leaflets. There is no anthocyanin colouration of the leaves or petioles. There is anthocyanin colouration of the male flowers. The seeds of 'Finola' are medium in size and ovate-oblong in shape. The testa is grey with strong net structure and medium marbling. The 'horseshoe' on the base of the grain is weak.